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    Rules and Information


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    Rules and Information

    Post by Lyssarie on Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:09 pm

    Here are all of the rules and information you will need to ensure that everyone on this forum can have a fun, educational, and drama-free time here! Once you have read the rules, please post in this topic with a simple "R&U" to signify that you have read and understood the information posted here.

    General Rules

    1. Be respectful. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.
    2. No religious or political discussions.
    a) There are plenty of other places around the Internet to discuss such controversial topics. We would like to avoid conflict and drama here, so please refrain from these kinds of discussions.
    3. No spamming or triple-posting.
    a) Spamming involves posting useless, meaningless replies that contribute nothing to the topic at hand. Basically, spam is anything that is off-topic.
    b) Please refrain from posting more than two times in a row. Wait for someone else to respond before you post somewhere again.
    4. Only one account per user. This is to prevent lying, inflation, and drama.
    5. If you are posting an excessive amount of images, please place them in a spoiler code. If you are unsure as to what a spoiler code is, you can find information for that here.
    6. All usernames must be appropriate and in good taste. You may change your username once every 6 months, but you must ask for administrator permission before doing so.
    7. Avatar and Signature requirements - click here.

    Code of Conduct
    Section I: Post Content
    1. All post content must be PG-13.
    2. Bigotry - Absolutely no discrimination of any kind will be allowed on this forum.
    3. Swearing - Curse words are strictly prohibited.
    4. Illegal Activity - Any discussion, photos, etc. of any kind of illegal activity will be subject to disciplinary action.

    Section II: Member Conduct
    1. Bullying takes many forms, and none of these forms are allowed on this site.
    2. Personal attacks on other members are not tolerated.
    3. Instructions by staff - ignoring instructions given by staff or these rules are grounds for discipline.

    Section III: Conflict Resolution
    1. Notify staff of any issues you may have with any members on this site.
    2. Please keep disputes private, respectful, and mature. Fights, arguments, etc. played out publicly will not be tolerated.

    Section IV: Three Strikes Policy
    1. After breaking any rules or anything outlined in the Code of Conduct, you will only be allowed three warnings before you are removed, and banned, from this site.

    Important Note: All lessons have been personally created by Lyssarie. Sources for information include www.spanishdict.com and Mrs. Graves' Vocabulary Sheets.

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