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    Signature and Avatar Rules


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    Signature and Avatar Rules

    Post by Lyssarie on Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:16 pm

    Here is all of the information you will need when it comes to making your signature and avatar! An avatar is like your profile picture, while a signature is a creative way of displaying your interests and personality with each post you make. You can find examples of both avatars and signatures below!

    Once you have read all of the rules and information below, please post with a simple "R&U" to signify that you have read and understood this information.

    Section I: Avatars
    1. Your avatar may not exceed a maximum of 110px by 170px.
    2. Your avatar must be PG-13.
    3. You may change your avatar once a month. To do so, please send a PM to Lyssarie.

    Section II: Signatures
    1. Signatures may not exceed 450px by 150px.
    2. Signatures must be PG-13.
    3. Signatures can be changed as often as you would like. However, you must change them yourself - an administrator will not do it for you.
    4. You may have up to two lines of text above or below your signature. This text may not exceed size 18 font.

    Section III: Requesting Avatars/Signatures
    1. If you would like to have an avatar or signature made for you, please request one here.

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