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    Beach Vocabulary


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    Beach Vocabulary

    Post by Lyssarie on Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:12 pm

    conducir - to drive
    el surfista - surfer
    el calor - agobiante stifling heat
    el caracol - shell
    el carro - car
    el chaleco salvavidas - life jacket
    el puerto - port
    el velero - sailboat
    el voleibol playero - beach volleyball
    en absoluto - not at all
    hacer fresco - to be cool
    hacer un crucero - to go on a cruise
    juntarse - to get together with
    la arena - sand
    la brisa - breeze
    la canoa - canoe
    la casa rodante - RV
    la cubierta - deck (of boat)
    la escapada - getaway
    la moto acuática - personal watercraft
    la orilla - shore
    la sombrilla - parasol
    la tabla de surf - surfboard
    mantener (el equilibrio) - to keep (one’s balance)
    marearse - to get seasick, to become dizzy
    merendar - to have a snack
    pararse - to stand up
    parecerse a (alguien) - to look like (someone), to be like (someone)
    recoger - to pick up
    recostarse - to lie down
    refrescarse - to cool down
    refugiarse - to take refuge from
    reunirse - to get together, to meet
    ver el amanecer - to watch the sunrise
    ver la puesta del sol - to watch the sunset

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